inQbate strives to provide marketing services for local businesses using creativity, strategy, and innovation. We understand that marketing a local business relies heavily on the fusion of digital and guerrilla marketing. While local businesses may not have the budget equivalent to corporate brands, there exist many inexpensive yet effective ways to promote a business— especially on social media.
inQbate provides your business with creative and strategic insights and approaches to develop your business' online presence and inspire a call to action for costumers.
Check out our available services below! 

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$99 Social Media Package

This personalized package includes:

  • social media guide
  • social media strategy
  • 6 month content calendar


Learn more about the contents of the $99 package here


Are you a member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance? 
inQbate has partnered with RPBA to provide local businesses with this social media package for free!
For more information on how to receive the package through RPBA, please contact Cynthia Ryan at


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Short-term Research

The brains behind the branding. We'll ask the questions that will help you understand what exactly your customers are looking for. Whether you're looking to find your niche, or expand to other markets, we've got you covered. Since inQbate is run entirely by students, we have access to the smorgasbord of modern resources provided through Loyola University Chicago.This allows us to utilize the research we perform to develop and execute innovative marketing strategies and content for local businesses. 



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Resume Design

inQbate is currently working to develop resume design packages tailored for every budget. 
We understand the impact of a strong resume, and work to help you distinguish yourself to future employers. 

Check back to check our progress...and start updating your resume info!

Interested in a resume design package? Inquire here